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Knife Edge - Series KE100

T5 Cove System

Knife Edge


Series KE100

Knife Edge cove system produces an elegant sharp-edged architectural feature with uniform lighting on adjacent walls and ceilings. This low-profile plaster-in system mounts to soffits, coffers, or walls as close as 6” from the ceiling.


  • High-performance lighting modules with deep pocket reflectors deliver exceptional lighting efficiency
  • Kicker reflectors provide even wall illumination, eliminating socket shadow
  • Knife Edge Extrusions are field-cuttable to any length
  • “True edge” locking ensures the fixture is straight and level with hairline seams along the visible Knife Edge surface


  • Finish: Unpainted, Alodine treated to accept field painting
  • Weight: Approx. 4 lbs. per linear foot without sheetrock


  • Power Consumption: Per specification based on lamp type
  • Quick-Connect lighting modules plug together
  • Ambient temperature: 100 °F maximum
  • Integral electronic ballasts (thermally protected)
  • Integral wiring buss between lighting modules


  • Fixture extrusion must mount to secure blocking through recessed mounting screw channel
  • Sheetrock mounted to the underside of extrusion with provision for tape and feathered spackling, by others
  • Lighting modules may be installed after extrusion mounting


  • UL
  • Union Made in the USA

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