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Starfire Custom Fixture Capability

Specification grade architectural lighting often entails creating unique lighting fixtures to conform to extraordinary spatial designs or to create a visual
statement highlighting the quality and professionalism of the overall lighting design.

For 35 years, some of the most renowned lighting designers in the US have depended upon Starfire Lighting to meet these challenges.

Working as a closely integrated team, Starfire professionals collaborate with designers, then engineer and manufacture custom lighting solutions in our
modern 50,000 square foot facility, equipped with the latest design technology and automated machine support.

When your next project requires more than off-the-shelf solutions, trust Starfire Lighting. We will deliver the finest, most efficient and cost effective
standard fixtures along with those signature solutions that make your project shine.



Featured Custom Project

The Pentagon Memorial

The 184 sculptured memorial units that comprise the Pentagon Memorial are illuminated by stainless steel lighting fixtures installed below grade.

Utilizing the Philips QL lamp, each lighting fixture directs its light output into a linear pool of circulating water forming a liquid fiber optic which glows homogeneously.

Low maintenance and precise lighting control were design imperatives.

The custom fixture`s precision reflectors were fabricated and designed by Starfire 

Computer modeling by the Lighting Research Center at Rensselar Polytechnic Institute guaranteed adequate park illumination without the need for additional luminaires

Circulating water throught the fixture itself provides thermal management and prevents pool water from freezing during winter months

The estimated lamp maintenance cycle exceeds twenty years

RFI tested and certified by the United States Army

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